Ioniser System

Better for your family and the environment

An Ionizer is a fresh water, low chemical, water treatment system for swimming pools and spas. A pool Ionizer is a healthy, environmentally friendly alternative to chlorine and salt chlorinators. The Ionisation process works through copper, a natural algaecide and silver, a natural bactericide. Through electrolysis, the copper and silver in the electrodes are changed from solid metals to soluble ions dispersed into the water. Ongoing, the system is easy to maintain and only requires the addition of a small amount of mild chemicals to maintain the water quality.

Chlorine certainly kills bacteria in the water and so sanitises well, but it also can have unpleasant side effects for pool users – itchy skin, red eyes, not good for anyone with asthma, and has been linked to cancer, not to mention the unpleasant smell. While salt chlorinators avoid the strong smell of chlorine, they work by breaking down the salt and turning it into – chlorine, and also leave a salty feel on skin. The salt can cause corrosion of any metal around the pool (furniture etc) and over time there is calcium build up on the pool paving which causes damage.

Benefits of an ionizer system

  • Crystal clear water.
  • Pleasant swimming – feels like fresh water on your skin.
  • No skin allergies or red eyes.
  • No smell of chlorine.
  • Low level of chemicals required.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Cheaper to run – uses less electricity than chlorinators.
  • Environmentally friendly – pool water from backwash can be used on lawn

See details of Ioniser units and electrodes here.