Our Pool Service

How to Service a Pool – for best results!

  • Leaves and debris are scooped out.
  • All the pool surfaces are brushed (walls, floors, steps).
  • Skimmer box and pump basket are cleaned.
  • Backwash to clean sand filter, or clean cartridge filter.
  • Water testing and balance as required – pH, alkalinity, ORP, TDS (salt level), calcium hardness etc (For our regular customers we maintain a record of pool water quality over time).
  • Top up pool water level while we are working and advise you if more is required.
  • Check operation of pool pump and filter (visual) and report any faults to you.
  • Add pool products as required ensuring correct quantities. We can supply all your chemicals so you don’t need to transport or carry heavy containers/bags of salt.

Pool gone green? – We can fix it!

Windy weather bringing dust and debris to your pool, heavy rain with run-off from the garden, sluggish system – any of these can cause cloudy or green pool water. In most cases (depending on severity of problem) we can get you back swimming in clear water in a couple of days. No need for several trips back and forth to the pool shop. We are there on site and only use the type and amount of pool products the water really requires, saving you time and money.

In cases where your pool water is past saving, we will drain, pressure clean, refill and rebalance your pool at a very reasonable price.