Pool Covers

A pool cover prevents leaves and debris from entering your pool and can decrease evaporation. For pools surrounded by a lot of trees, a pool cover can save you hours of work vacuuming the pool, particularly during the winter months, and cuts down on the amount of product needed to maintain the water quality.For concrete pools we recommend Poolsavers mesh covers, available in black or green mesh with roped edges and  lock down fittings. Mesh covers sit above the water, unlike other covers which sit right on top of the water. The advantage is that the mesh covers can be cleaned with a blower or pressure spray or even swept with a long handled broom before they are removed, ensuring no debris gets into the pool. With on the surface covers, there is the possibility that when cleaning or removing the cover, dirty water, algae and debris will get into the pool. Mesh covers are much lighter to handle and there is no need for a roller taking up space around the pool. The covers are made to order to suit the shape of your pool and fitted by professional installers. Covers have a 5 year pro rata warranty.