Pool Ioniser & Electrodes

Oxygem Pool Care is an ioniser specialist. We can convert your pool to an ioniser system, advise on achieving optimal results and provide replacement electrodes.The Ionisation process works through copper, a natural algaecide and silver, a natural bactericide. Through electrolysis, the copper and silver in the electrodes are changed from solid metals to soluble ions dispersed into the water.Key features of the ioniser system:

  • The control unit has two timers. The main timer controls pump, filter, auxiliary output and the ioniser.
  • The second timer controls the actual ioniser running time which gives you control over the effective copper levels for the size of your pool.
  • This means the ioniser unit only works as much as is needed, so saves on electricity and extends the life of the electrodes.
  • Electrodes are self-cleaning.
  • Ongoing, the pool requires a small amount of mild chemicals to support the ioniser process. We recommend an oxidiser.
  • Checking of water quality is simple – test kit provided. No more trips to a pool shop to test the water!

For further information contact Oxygem Pool Care on Ph: 0402 386 280